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The Best Come Together for Firefighter Apparel | NOMEXIIIA

Firefighters requirement all the protection they can get. So when textile represented with Kevlar( r) fiber is engineered with Nomex( r) fiber, the result is excellent thermal care, forte, and durability.

People all around the world depend on the mettle and training of firefighters to offer protection against shoots. In revolve, firefighters depend on firefighter apparel stirred with DuPont( tm) Nomex( r) and Kevlar( r) fiber be used to help satisfy the needs of a rigorous and challenging task. Together, these innovative fibers help offer flaming resist, forte, stability, and more. Kevlar( r) is five times stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis, hitherto fabrics is also possible lightweight, comfortable, and thermally protective. It helps enhance the overall durability and forte of lightweight turnout gear outer-shell-and-thermal-liner methods. And Nomex( r) fiber is inherently flame resistant, hard and flexible.

Nomex( r) fiber carbonizes and coagulates when exposed to second-hand intense heat of today's shoots. This increases the protective obstacle between the heat generator and the user, helping to reduce burn harm and equipping valuable time to work or flee. When textile represented with Kevlar( r) fiber is engineered with Nomex( r) fiber or used in conjunction with another mingle, it can help to further enhance tear forte and abrasion resist of outer husks protecting the humidity barriers and thermal liners inside. Garments made from Nomex( r) fiber last, on average, two to three times longer than most other standard and protective fabrics, including 100% cotton, polyester/ costume harmonizes, and FR cotton. Per garment creators, the average wear living for Stationwear made of Nomex( r) is about five years old, and it can be cleansed and worn at the least 125 ages, uttering it an economical pick.


1. CLOTHES Extinguisher NomexIIIA

Made from META ARAMID( convex)+ THE ARAMID( Twaron ), which is now well-known that NomexIIIA

A. JACKET- CLOTHES Extinguisher NomexIIIA

Consists of 3 Lapis is as follows: Outer Layer Material: Meta Aramid( Convex)+ The Aramid( Twaraon) announced NomexIIIA, Middle Layer Material: Polar Fleece be useful for containing hot from the outside. Top Layer Material In: Drill convenient in use, cozy on the skin.

B. PANTS CLOTHES Extinguisher NomexIIIA

Composed of two strata, namely sebgai follows: Outer Layer Material: Meta Aramid+ Para Aramid( NomexIIIA) Second Layer Material: Drill comfortable to wear, cozy on the skin when in use.


Resletting or Zipper: likewise use meta-aramid fabric Aramid++ The Metal Reflective: Triple Trim Fire Retardant( standard NFPA)

Sewing strand: Meta Aramid Meta Aramid( Convex)+ The Aramid( Twaron) is too announced NomexIIIA a garb Heat Resistant and Non Fireproof, but still resistant to attack no more than 12 seconds, so it's not in I recommend to to break through or entering into sparks for a very long time if there is a burn in the area.



BAJU PEMADAM KEBAKARAN NOMEXIIIA untuk Gedung Bertingkat atau bisa di sebut juga FIREFIGHTER FIRE MAN SUIT yang bisa di gunakan untuk Pekerjaan Penanggulangan bahaya kebakaran, jenis dan model baju pemadam ini bisa berbentuk Baju Celana atau jenis WEARPAK atau COVERALL.

Untuk Penggunaaannya bisa di pakai di Gedung Gedung bertingkat untuk di pakai nantinya jika terjadi sesuatu / Kebakaran di suatu Gedung.

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