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Why your company should have a Safety Sign with Reference Standards?
1. Make it easy for your team in the long term at the time of maintenance and the addition of a new sign Safety.
2. Point at the time of the audit K3 plus, especially to get the certification ISO, OHSAS, HACCP, etc.
3. The cost of making the reference standard Safety Sign relatively the same as the sign is not standardized, the difference is the design drawing. So why not use standard designs as well?
4. How to write a uniform, making it easier to be understood and complied with by all people / employees.
5. The risk of accidents can be minimized or better yet Zero Accident.
6. With the signposts safety / safety sign with a reference standard then it implies that the company has also cultivate K3 to each employee and others who are in the Area / Corporate Environment.
7. The company recognizes the importance of safety signs / safety sign, then the company has to protect all their assets from things that are not desirable, such as: Fire and Accidents, which can be detrimental to the company, all of that can be avoided and prevented, if the installation of safety signs or safety signs at each point hazard-prone area or in a small risk of harm.
If you do not have time to calculate and estimate the needs of Safety sign at the location of your work, may invite the team isafetysign to your location, and our team will make a recapitulation of the whole recommendation types, colors, sizes, fonts, materials, and others based on potential hazards in the area of ??your plant.
Safety First Always. , . !!!


Here are some safety sign our products are available, if the item you are looking for is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us, very happy with the team we will help you.

 ANSI Signs
 Asbestos & Cancer
 Authorized Personnel Only
 Biohazard Signs
 Caution Signs
 Chemical Hazards
 Confined Space Signs
 Construction Safety Signs
 Danger Signs
 Do Not Enter Signs
 Exit & Entrance
 Eye Protection
 Eyewash Signs
 Fire Exit Door Signs
 First Aid Signs
 Flammable / Explosive
 Gas Cylinder Signs
 Hard Hat Signs
 IMO Signs
 Keep Out Signs
 Laser Warnings
 Machine Hazard Signs
 No Smoking Signs
 Notice Signs
 Recycling Signs
 Truck Signs
 Warehouse Signs
 Warning Sign




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